What is my child learning?

Edmond Public Schools’ dynamic curriculum is designed to meet the needs of all students and to foster a life-long passion for creativity and learning. Students receive a strong foundation in the core subjects of reading, mathematics, science and social studies, but also have the opportunity to explore elective classes in their individual areas of interest.


EPS classrooms are a place where diversity is valued and celebrated and where students are encouraged to master critical thinking and problem solving skills to help them be college and career ready. Curriculum standards reflect the state standards.  

Content Specialists:

Key to the success of the curriculum is a dedicated staff of professionals who believe that high expectations yield results and that all students can be successful learners.

Science: Brandi Williams; brandi.williams@edmondschools.net  or 340-2839

Social Studies: Pam Merrill; pam.merrill@edmondschools.net or 340-2209

For social studies resources, visit https://www.facebook.com/EdmondSocialStudies

English: Dana Stobbe; dana.stobbe@edmondschools.net or 340-2208

Secondary Math: Becky Spencer; becky.spencer@edmondschools.net or 340-2206

Elementary Reading: Linda McVay; linda.mcvay@edmondschools.net or 340-2981

Elementary Math: Robbyn Glinsman; robbyn.glinsmann@edmondschools.net or 340-2276