In what grades will my child be tested? What subjects are tested? Which tests are mandatory? As a parent or guardian you may have a lot of questions about testing and we want to provide to you the most comprehensive information we can.

2017- Transition Year In Testing

The state mandates testing for students once a year in grades 3-8. These tests, called OCCT tests, are used to assess students’ mastery of content. All tests are aligned to the state-mandated standards, which have been adopted by the State Board of Education. Currently, the standards are PASS-Priority Academic Standards and OAS (Oklahoma Academic Standards). 

For the latest on academic standards, please visit the Oklahoma State Department of Education website:

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Additionally, Edmond Public Schools makes available other tests such as a qualifying test for gifted and talented students, proficiency-based promotion tests and tests that assess students’ interests and career goals.

Proficiency Testing:

Proficiency-Based Promotion awards credit for students’ knowledge in the core curriculum areas. The exams consist of a combination of multiple choice, short answer, essay questions and science laboratory activities. Tests are offered twice per year (usually May and early July) and students must achieve a 90% or above to receive credit. Proficiency tests are now closed and parents may apply again next year beginning in April. The permanent record will reflect credit-by-exam; with a letter grade of A. Proficiency tests are available for students who have not been enrolled in the course.