In what grades will my child be tested? What subjects are tested? Which tests are mandatory? As a parent or guardian you may have a lot of questions about testing and we want to provide to you the most comprehensive information we can.

The state mandates testing for students once a year in grades 3-8. These tests, called OCCT tests, are used to assess students’ mastery of content. All tests are aligned to the state-mandated standards, which have been adopted by the State Board of Education. Currently, the standards are PASS-Priority Academic Standards.

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Additionally, Edmond Public Schools makes available other tests such as a qualifying test for gifted and talented students, proficiency-based promotion tests and tests that assess students’ interests and career goals.

Proficiency Testing:

Proficiency-Based Promotion awards credit for students’ knowledge in the core curriculum areas. The exams consist of a combination of multiple choice, short answer, essay questions and science laboratory activities. Tests are offered twice per year (May and July) and students must achieve a 90% or above to receive credit. The permanent record will reflect credit-by-exam; with a letter grade of A. Proficiency tests are available for students who have not been enrolled in the course.


The May application deadline is May 2, the July application deadline is June 26.

May Elementary Proficiency Application

July Elementary Proficiency Application

(new secondary forms are being updated and will be uploaded here soon)

 Calculators allowed for Secondary Math testing

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