The district’s pre-K programs include the following:

  • A free, half-day program (either morning or afternoon)
  • A tuition-based full-day program
  • A free, full-day program at Title I Schools (Ida Freeman, Sunset, Orvis Risner) Parents should go to the school site to enroll. Students must live in the designated school’s attendance area to attend the free full-day program.

Pre-K Flyer

The tuition-based full-day program is held at schools that have space available which means that your child may attend a pre-k program at a school other than their home school where they will attend kindergarten.

The sign-up period for Edmond Public Schools’ 2018-2019 pre-K program is scheduled for April 9-20 at the district’s administrative center, 1001 W. Danforth in Edmond. 

The application process is not first-come, first-served, so parents do not need to stand in line the first day of the sign-up period.  

Because the number of applications often exceeds the space available, a random drawing is held to fill the pre-k classes.

For more information on the preK program, please contact Laura Morgan at 340-2823 or


Children must be at least four years of age, but not older than 5 years of age, on or before September 1 of the enrollment year. Parents or legal guardians of students must be residents of the district.


Some district schools are considered early start schools, some are late start schools. For pre-k times, check with your individual school.


Getting Ready for Pre-K

Full-Day Pre-K

Tuition-based full-day pre-K is available for $240 dollars per month payable in nine equal payments. Tuition does not include the cost of lunch. The first payment is due upon enrollment to “hold” your child’s spot. Please note that parents/guardians are responsible for bringing their children to school and picking them up. There is no bus transportation.

District & State Objectives:

Four year olds are provided with developmentally appropriate learning experiences based on the state developmental learning skill standards. These experiences promote the development of:

  • Social skills through interactions with other students and adults
  • Creative skills through play, interactive materials, and arts-based activities
  • Language Arts through speaking, listening, literacy and prewriting activities
  • Mathematics understandings through experiences with a variety of real objects provided in learning centers and practical situations
  • Fine and gross motor skills through games, play, and other interactive experiences
  • Science knowledge through experiences with weather, real plants and animals
  • Social Studies through activities about family, school, community, and community helpers
  • Thinking and problem solving through play based and group activities

Immunization Requirements:

  • Four  DPT/DTaP
  • One  MMR
  • Three  HEP B
  • Three Polio
  • One  Varicella
  • Two  HEP A