Bond Issues

Edmond Public School district administrators and school board members are constantly evaluating district facilities to plan for current and future needs. Because the student population continues to grow by 350-500 students each year we must continue to add new facilities as well as maintain the existing ones to meet the demands of this rapid growth. Bond funds allow us to purchase educational materials, make building upgrades and additions, and make safety and technology improvements to our schools.

Redbud Elementary opened in August 2021 and was funded by the passage of bond issues.

Recently Passed:

Members of the Edmond School Board voted to bring before voters a $120 million bond issue on Feb. 8, 2022, to fund school improvements and classroom additions as well as purchase land for new schools to meet the needs of the district. The bond was passed.

Bond Transparency

Information on the February 8, 2022 bond issue as required by the 2017 Bond Transparency Act .

Bond Transparency 2021.12.13

Photos of Redbud Elementary by Simon Hurst and Ereich Tapia 

Redbud Elementary EntranceHallway shot of Redbud Elementary