The Edmond community overwhelmingly passed two bond proposals on Feb. 12, 2019 totaling $93M.  Passage of the bond proposals marks the 59th consecutive time (since the 1950s)  that community members have gone to the polls and supported Edmond schools. Funds from the passage of the proposals will be used to increase school security, upgrade and improve school buildings and fund the construction of classroom additions and new schools.

Funds from the passage of the bond issue are being used to purchase land for two new elementary schools.   2019 Bond Brochure

The district has purchased land at Douglas and Coffee Creek for an elementary school. Additionally, the district purchased land west of 150th street and south of Pennsylvania Ave for another elementary school.  Absent from the bond proposal was a request for funds to build a fourth high school.

“The student population of our secondary schools has not grown at the same rate as it has in our elementary schools. We believe the district’s focus should be on alleviating the congestion in our larger elementary schools, several of which now have between 900-1000 students.”

Other noteworthy updates and improvements in the 2019 bond proposal include $3.7M for enhanced safety features at schools. Last spring, the district formed a committee comprised of staff, students, parents, community members, law enforcement, and federal officials to review the district’s current security procedures and practices.

“Among the immediate improvements the committee recommended is implementing the use of student/staff photo ID cards at all secondary schools which would be used for card-swipe access to buildings, installing more video/audio buzz-in systems for patrons and visitors, and installing more video cameras on the exterior entries of schools to display images of individuals who approach school buildings,” said Towne.

Enhancing Student/Staff Safety

Four students with student IDs on lanyards stand in hallway

Bond funds from the passage of the February 2019 bond issue are being used to enhance student and staff safety.  

Over the summer of 2019, access control entries were installed, requiring students and staff to gain entry to buildings through several high traffic entrances and exits, using individual ID badges issued to them by the district.  All secondary students grades 6th-12th and all staff are required to visibly display the new school-issued ID badge while school is in session. This is necessary for several reasons. First, the badges will allow administrators to quickly identify students and distinguish visitors in school buildings. Second, the badges will allow students and staff to enter through designated doors at sites that have access control.   

These safety upgrades are being made in two phases. Phase one of the project will begin this summer and will include all three high schools, Boulevard Academy, Sequoyah, and Summit middle schools and a handful of elementary schools.  Phase two will be implemented in the summer of 2020 and include additional schools, which we will share more information about at a later date. The upgrades are being paid for with bond funds from the passage of the February 2019 bond issue.