Budget & Finance 

Edmond Public Schools is committed to providing essential financial information about the current and previous years revenues, expenditures, audits, etc. to help you understand more about the often complicated issues of school finance.

Annual Budget Archives:

Budget Guide 2017-18

Budget Guide 2016-17

Budget Guide 2015-16

Budget Guide 2014-15

Budget Guide 2013-14



Annual Audit Archives:

Annual Audit 2016-17

Annual Audit 2015-16

Annual Audit 2014-15

Annual Audit 2013-14

Annual Audit 2012-13

Annual Audit 2011-12


Estimate of Needs:

Estimate of Needs 2015-16

Estimate of Needs 2014-15

Estimate of Needs 2013-14

Estimate of Needs 2012-13

Estimate of Needs 2011-12