Edmond Public Schools has more than 100 sanctioned organizations. Sanctioned organizations operate for the benefit of students but are not subject to statutory controls over student activity funds. However, they are responsible for complying with all federal and state laws as well as rules set forth by the school district.

There are numerous rules and regulations that should be followed in order for sanctioned organizations to be as transparent as possible.

If not already implemented, sanctioned organizations must now require a signature and countersignature on all checks written by the organizations.

Sanctioning Application Memo to Organizations 2021-22

Sanctioning Application 2021-22 pages 1-4

Sanctioning Overview 2021-22

Policy #5680, Sanctioning, Revised 01-12-15

Policy #5680AOG – Administrative Operating Guideline-rev-04-11-2017

Guidelines for Internal Control in a Small Organization 2021-22

Sanctioning FAQs 2021-22

State Law on Charity Games

PBUSA Booster Club Lifecycle Checklist

Parent Booster Organization

IRS Tax Exempt Organization Search Link

Sanctioning Presentation 2021-22