Angela Grunewald, Associate Superintendent of Educational Services

Angela Mills Grunewald

Associate Superintendent of Educational Services

Angela oversees and supervises PK-12 curriculum and additional areas that support student learning.  She and her team focus on the instructional vision including student engagement, creativity and real world problem solving with Oklahoma standards, integrated STEM opportunities and digital learning. 


Dana Stobbe, English Content Specialist

Dana Stobbe

English Content Specialist 

Dana works with teachers to ensure that  students master increasingly complex informational and literary texts, and cultivate the ability to communicate effectively with others. Read more.


Susan Sawyer, ES Math Content Specialist

Susan Sawyer

Elementary Math Content Specialist

Susan works with all elementary schools on matters related to math content and curriculum. She meets with teachers regularly to address needs, provides professional development,  and provides a variety of math resources to encourage best practices and facilitate lesson planning. Read more.


Becky Archibald, Secondary Math Content Specialist

Becky Archibald

Secondary Math Content Specialist

Becky works with all secondary schools. She meets with teachers regularly to address their needs, and provides a variety of math resources as well as professional development to encourage best practices and facilitate lesson planning.

Read more.


Carina Plett, World Language Content Specialist

Carina Plett

World Language Content Specialist

Carina facilitates professional development for district World Language faculty and supports programs with standards-based instructional design. Read more.

Linda Sloan, Career Tech/Online Learning Content Specialist

Linda Sloan

Career-Tech/Online Learning 

Linda grew up in Norman, Oklahoma, with university professor parents and grandparents. She has been in Edmond since 2000. Her teaching career started as a science and biology teacher and she continued as a Family and Consumer Sciences teacher for the next fifteen years. She then served as the Family and Consumer Sciences Department Program Specialist for Southwest Oklahoma as part of the CareerTech system. She has a Bachelors of Science degree from Oklahoma State University and a Masters of Science degree from The University of Central Oklahoma.


Anissa Angier, STEM Instructional Facilitator

Anissa Angier

STEM Instructional Facilitator

STEM is a curriculum that is transdisciplinary across science, technology, engineering, and math as well as other content areas to solve real-world problems and questions. Anissa works with teachers, administrators, and other colleagues to further the STEM initiative in Edmond. Her top priority is to serve teachers so we can promote lifelong learners in our students


Elizabeth Ging

Early Childhood Instructional Facilitator

Elizabeth serves early childhood teachers in grades Pre-k through two. She plans and presents professional development opportunities for teachers, as well as facilitates modeling, co-teaching, researching, and the sharing of best practices.

Andrea Wheeler, Educ. Serv Coordinator, Science Content Specialist

Andrea Wheeler

Educational Services Coordinator of Title I

Andrea oversees the Title I (education for disadvantaged) program at seven elementary schools and at the district level. She also works with Title III (English Learners), Title ID (Neglected and Delinquent), and is the homeless liaison for the district.


Kristi Kargl, Educ. Services Coordinator

Kristi Kargl

Educational Services Coordinator of Gifted/Talented and Testing

Kristi oversees the K-12 Gifted and Talented program including Advanced Placement and  Proficiency Based Promotion. She is also the district test coordinator for all state assessments.


Erica Fain, English Language Learners Content Specialist

Erica Fain

English Language Learners (ELL) Content Specialist 

Erica works to ensure that ELL students receive the additional language development support they need. Read more.