After being the first public school district in Oklahoma to pay first-year certified teachers a starting salary of $40,000 per year, Edmond Public Schools raised teacher pay again in 2019-2020. First-year certified teachers make a starting salary of $41,745. Health, life and disability insurance, and district-paid retirement contributions push a first-year teacher’s total compensation and benefits to $52,374. The district also offers peer mentoring, classroom management training, and summer professional development opportunities to help teachers be successful.

“To be able to offer first-year teachers a $40,000 starting salary has been an objective for some time,” said Superintendent Bret Towne. “Achieving that salary is more than symbolic.  It signifies the value placed on teachers in this district. This is not the end, but it is a new starting point to strengthen teacher compensation and make Edmond more competitive with districts in  neighboring states.”