The State of Oklahoma developed the A-F report cards to measure schools and school districts in our state.  In addition, the Oklahoma City Office of Quality and Accountability releases an annual accountability report that contains information about each school’s socioeconomic data, census information, classroom and administrative characteristics. To access each of these reports (from the most recent year available), click below.

High Schools

Santa Fe 2017 Profile SFHS A-F 2015-16 Santa Fe
North 2017 Profile ENHS A-F 2015-16 North
Memorial 2017 Profile EMHS A-F 2015-16 Memorial

Middle Schools

Summit 2017 Profile Summit A-F 2015-16 Summit
Sequoyah 2017 Profile Sequoyah A-F 2015-16 Sequoyah
Cheyenne 2017 Profile Cheyenne A-F 2015-16 Cheyenne
Cimarron 2017 Profile Cimarron A-F 2015-16 Cimarron
Central 2017 Profile Central A-F 2015-16 Central
Heartland 2017 Profile Heartland

Elementary Schools

Angie Debo 2017 Profile ADebo A-F 2015-16 Angie Debo
Centennial 2017 Profile Centennial A-F 2015-16 Centennial
Charles Haskell 2017 Profile CHaskell A-F 2015-16 Charles Haskell
Chisholm 2017 Profile Chisholm A-F 2015-16 Chisholm
Clegern 2017 Profile Clegern A-F 2015-16 Clegern
Cross Timbers 2017 Profile CTimbers A-F 2015-16 Cross Timbers
Frontier 2017 Profile Frontier A-F 2015-16 Frontier
Heritage 2017 Profile Heritage A-F 2015-16 Heritage
Ida Freeman 2017 Profile IFreeman A-F 2015-16 Ida Freeman
John Ross 2017 Profile JRoss A-F 2015-16 John Ross
Northern Hills 2017 Profile NHills A-F 2015-16 Northern Hills
Orvis Risner 2017 Profile ORisner A-F 2015-16 Orvis Risner
R. Dougherty 2017 Profile RDougherty A-F 2015-16 R. Dougherty
Sunset 2017 Profile Sunset A-F 2015-16 Sunset
W. Irving 2017 Profile WIrving A-F 2015-16 W. Irving
West Field 2017 Profile WField A-F 2015-16 West Field
Will Rogers 2017 Profile WRogers A-F 2015-16 Will Rogers