Memorial art teacher Jime Wimmer’s “Jack of Hearts,” is among the artwork featured in the “Love a Vet: Honoring our Veterans” special exhibition open through January 5 at the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, MA.

wimmer_purple heart_2, 7/15/14, 2:06 PM, 8C, 5832x7816 (96+184), 100%, wimmer shadow , 1/8 s, R41.6, G31.7, B67.4

Jime’s painting features little Jack clutching his parent’s Purple Heart with an emptiness that comes with loss.

“This painting is for all our children and dedicated to all of the parents lost,” said Wimmer.

The special exhibition honors the sacrifices of veterans, calling attention to the struggles that many face upon their re-entry into civilian life. It features the art of gifted illustrators who each created an original work illuminating their thoughts on war and the service of veterans. Reproductions, in print and playing card form, have been sold to benefit veterans.

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