On Feb. 14, 2017 patrons overwhelmingly passed two bond proposals totaling $111 M to increase student safety, fund technology and upgrade and improve school buildings and campuses.

 Bond Brochure

2017 Bond Powerpoint

Frontier Phase 3

“The 2017 Bond Election has been carefully constructed to meet the needs of our growing district and allow for every school in the district to benefit either by receiving new educational materials, building upgrades and additions, or safety and technology improvements,” said Superintendent Bret Towne.

A significant portion of the bond money will be used to complete the process of having storm shelters on every campus to protect all 24,400 students and 2800 staff members.  Edmond’s unique approach includes building the spaces that schools need (classroom additions, gymnasiums, media centers and band rooms) and reinforcing those spaces to serve as shelters.  Passage of a 2015 bond election paved the way for shelters to be added at Russell Dougherty Elementary, Clegern Elementary and Clyde Howell Early Learning Center, John Ross Elementary, Sunset Elementary and Orvis Risner Elementary.

Other noteworthy projects in the 2017 bond proposal include upgrades to the football stadiums at Memorial High School and North High School which annually host hundreds of athletic, marching band and extracurricular practices, events and activities. Santa Fe High School received an upgraded stadium earlier this year.

Passage of the bond issue is not planned to raise homeowner’s taxes.

“As we have done with past bond issues, the district has planned this bond issue to keep the millage level stable between 24 and 25 mills,” said Towne. “The timing of bond sales will coincide with the retirement of existing bonds to support the district’s objective of sustaining a stable millage rate.”

The breakdown of the bond issue is as follows:


Proposition #1

Elementary Schools

Angie Debo and Cross Timbers Elementary Schools:  Upgrade existing storm shelter/classrooms doors.    $360,000

Sunset Elementary School: Replace carpet and tile. $400,000

Will Rogers Elementary: Modify/upgrade existing cafeteria into a storm shelter. $500,000

Frontier Elementary School: Construct & equip a 6-classroom addition that will serve a dual purpose as a storm shelter.   $2,600,000

Heritage Elementary School:  Construct & equip a 6-classroom addition that would double as a storm shelter. $2,800,000

Northern Hills Elementary: Construct classroom / storm shelter addition and make upgrades to the existing basement shelter. $3,000,000

Chisholm Elementary: Construct & equip a 6-classroom addition that will double as a storm shelter. $3,000,000                                                              

Charles Haskell Elementary: Construct a new gymnasium / storm shelter.  $3,600,000

Middle Schools:

Summit, Cimarron & Sequoyah Middle School Science Classroom Upgrades: Remodel existing science rooms and purchase science specific equipment/furnishings.  $1,120,000  

Summit Middle School: Upgrade and improve the existing ground floor classrooms and hallways to serve as storm shelters. $1,540,000                                                                 

Cimarron Middle School:  Construct a new media center/storm shelter.  $3,400,000                                                                       

Sequoyah Middle School: Construct a practice gymnasium/storm shelter. $4,000,000

Central Middle School: Construct practice gymnasium / storm shelter, additional science classrooms and make improvements to entrance and parking lot.  $4,400,000

High Schools

Santa Fe High School:  Remodel select classrooms, construct new band room/ storm shelter.  $8,500,000                                                                                                                                                                                              

Memorial High School:  Construct classroom addition / storm shelter, track and field facilities and make stadium upgrades to include new seating, press box, lighting, restrooms, concessions, parking and improve locker room facilities.  $25,100,000

North High School:  Update classrooms and construct classroom /storm shelter addition. Make stadium upgrades to include new seating, press box, lighting, restrooms, concessions and parking.   $23,170,000

Technology, School Security, School Equipment

Technology:  Purchase and install computers, software and technology related equipment, wireless networking equipment, and phone systems and copiers.  $9,660,000

Hvac Replacement: Replace HVAC systems at Cimarron and Central Middle School. $1,900,000

Roofing Replacement:  Replace roof of Northern Hills Elementary Gym and Edmond North and Edmond Memorial auditoriums.  $1,900,000

School Security:  Install and upgrade video surveillance camera systems at various schools throughout the district.  $400,000

School Equipment:  Purchase fine arts and athletic equipment for secondary schools, library/media center books, software subscriptions, instructional equipment, materials and textbooks and maintenance vehicles. $7,750,000  

Proposition #1 Total            $109,100, 000


Proposition #2 

Purchase large and small school buses as well as high capacity sport utility vehicles.



TOTAL                                                                                                         $111,000,000