Edmond North high school seniors, who took the ACT college entrance exam in the spring of 2016, achieved significant gains in all four core areas of the test culminating in a composite score of 24.5 – a gain of five-tenths over last year’s composite.

“We believe North’s composite is the highest composite ever in our district. We are still awaiting confirmation of that fact from ACT,” said Superintendent Bret Towne.

North students made the most notable gains over last year in English- achieving a composite score of 24.7 (up seventh-tenths) and in reading-with a composite score of 25.2 (up seven-tenths).

“Our teachers work tirelessly to maximize the potential of every student, every year,” said North Principal Jason Pittenger. “The strong foundation our parents provide their children makes our focus efficient and effective. It is so wonderful to see the results of our collective efforts.”

The district-wide composite on the ACT was 23.6, up two-tenths from last year and well above the state composite score of 20.4.  Edmond North’s composite of 24.5 was the highest in the district, followed by Memorial High School with a 23.9 composite (up two-tenths from last year) and Santa Fe High School with a composite score of 22.1 (down four tenths from the previous year).

A total of 1,354 Edmond seniors took the test with 185 students scoring a 30 or better. No student made a perfect score of 36, however eight Edmond seniors scored a 35.

“The ACT test results reveal areas of tremendous progress and areas where there is room for growth,” said Superintendent Bret Towne.  “One core area where I would like to see more consistent scores is in mathematics. We will be studying these results and other student math data to determine how we can improve math instruction and student learning by drilling down on data at the middle school level. We want our 6th and 7th graders to be excited about and successful in math courses because research tells us that a significant number of those students will choose college majors heavily dependent on math skills.”

The ACT is a curriculum-based test scored on a scale of 0-36. It is designed to measure the skills needed for success in first year college coursework. The four individual areas that comprise the test are math, English, reading and science reasoning.

ACT suggests the composite score for college readiness is 24. This is consistent with recommendations from the state’s comprehensive universities.