The scores from Oklahoma’s new state tests which students took in the spring of 2017 demonstrate that Edmond Public School students fared better than the statewide averages.

The tests were aligned with more rigorous academic standards that were adopted in 2016 for all public schools across the state.

“Anytime you change standards and the assessment of those standards, you can expect to see a decrease in test scores,” said Superintendent Bret Towne. “While our scores are lower, generally speaking, they are about 20% higher than the statewide averages.”

Towne stressed that as a community with high expectations, Edmond needs to embrace the challenge of more demanding standards.

“These new standards align with national benchmarks like the SAT, ACT and the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) which will better prepare our students to be competitive with students in other states and nations.”

Towne also emphasized that these scores cannot be compared to any test scores from previous years and will serve as a baseline for future growth in student learning.

“We will continue to teach with high expectations and a robust curriculum, challenging students to achieve at optimal levels,” he said.

While school test scores have been released, individual student scores won’t be released by the state until late November.

Because of higher cut scores needed to qualify as “proficient” and “advanced,” parents may notice that a student who is accustomed to scoring in those two categories may no longer do so.

“Parents need to know their students are just as capable as before and that the changes in their students’ scores are not due to a sudden drop in performance but rather an adjustment of the testing process,” stressed Towne.  “A student’s ability cannot be measured by a single test at a particular point in time.”

Towne said he has complete confidence that Edmond students are receiving an excellent education.

“At no other time has our district had a deeper, more rigorous curriculum in place, taught by a more competent and dedicated teaching staff.”

For more information on the 2017 test results, parents should visit the district’s website,