Edmond Public Schools has implemented procedures pertaining to the August 21st eclipse designed to protect our students while also providing them an educational opportunity.  All elementary schools will be having indoor recess to prevent any accidental danger from the phenomenon that will be occurring during lunch and recess.

Some schools, secondary and elementary, have purchased eyewear specifically designed for the observation of the eclipse.  At those schools, students will be provided a very structured learning opportunity to witness this event that will not be repeated for 99 years.  If parents do not want their children participating in this activity, they are welcome to contact the school or teacher.  Viewing of the eclipse will also be made available in many classrooms via the NASA website.  Secondary schools will maintain their regular schedules, including off-campus lunch for the seniors.

All schools are communicating with parents seeking their support to reinforce with their children the importance of not looking directly at the sun during the eclipse.

While we recognize the importance of being a part of this once in a lifetime event, we will always err on the side of our students’ safety.