McBride Orthopedic Hospital Clinic, Edmond Public Schools official athletic training services provider, is hosting a Sports Medicine Forum for all Edmond Public Schools middle school and high school parents and student athletes on Tuesday, June 20th from 6:30-7:30 pm in the Administration Building, 1001 West Danforth Road.

The McBride Sports Medicine Forum will provide valuable information for parents and student athletes as preparation for athletic competition continues throughout the summer months.  Topics will include: proper hydration; concussion protocol; prevention of injuries; overuse injuries and orthopedic injury Q&A.

McBride’s scheduled speakers will include Team Physicians for Edmond North (Charles Funderburk, MD), Edmond Memorial (Jeremy Woodson, MD) and Edmond Santa Fe (Chris Espinoza, MD) as well as Sports Medicine Specialist Daniel C. Clinkenbeard, MD and Certified Athletic Trainers for the district; Jarrett Austin, Scott Delcamp and Jeremy Hatton.

McBride has worked with Edmond Public Schools collectively for more than 20 years providing athletic training services to student athletes in the district.  The Sports Medicine Forum is a new event designed to educate parents and athletes on the importance of preparation for competition through common sense hydration, maintaining and sustaining good training technique to prevent injuries, understanding overuse injuries, concussion protocol and an overall review of orthopedics in athletics.

The McBride Sports Medicine Forum is open to all EPS coaches, parents and student athletes, but is also open to members of the community as well.

By: Julie Muller