Edmond Public Schools has launched an enhanced visitor check-in system, called SchoolSafeID, for the 2017-2018 school year. The new system replaces LobbyGuard which the district has had in place for the last five years.

“SchoolSafeID is a more cost-effective, efficient system which we believe will greatly improve the time it takes for visitors to check in,” said Justin Coffelt,  director of facilities and operations.

SchoolSafe ID will be managed through a kiosk housed in each school’s main office. A touchscreen will guide visitors through the check-in process. All visitors will be required to present a valid state-issued ID to obtain a visitor’s pass before entering a school. The name and date of birth on visitors’ driver’s licenses will be compared to the national database of registered sex offenders. Unlike older visitor management models that read the visitor’s photo and name from the front of their driver’s license, SchoolSafeID scans the barcode on the back, ensuring accuracy of the information recorded and making inaccurate flagging of visitors much more unlikely.

Additional technology available through the system includes issuing digital visitor’s passes for individuals who are in a school on a regular basis and who’ve already been cleared. The “digital passes” will be kept on the individual’s phone and scanned at the kiosk. Schools then have the ability to send messages or notifications to individuals who opt to participate.  In addition, as SchoolSafeID grows, there is the potential for the system to check against other national databases.

“Parents who have already created digital passes love the ease of use that SchoolSafeID offers,” said Coffelt.

The district’s cost for the new system is $75,000. It’s being paid for with funds from the 2015 bond issue.

Visitors without a state-issued ID will not be permitted to enter Edmond schools without an escort. Visitors will be able to drop items off or visit the front office without an ID.

For more information, please visit www.schoolsafeid.com or contact justin.coffelt@edmondschools.net.