With the new semester approaching, families will have the opportunity to make changes in their student’s enrollment. Families may choose to move from face-to-face learning and enroll in Virtual Edmond or choose to change from Virtual Edmond (VE) and enroll in face-to-face learning. If your family desires a change for next semester (beginning January 5), you will have the opportunity to make that adjustment during the “Change in Placement” window November 2-20.

Girl stands next to school bus

School sites will send all families a Google “Change in Placement” form. The form will also be available on school websites. Only those families desiring a change in placement are to complete the request; those not submitting a new form will continue with their current placement. Once the form is completed, school sites will confirm the student’s placement with families. 

Virtual Edmond is a program designed to serve families who desire:

  • A customized, robust, virtual education. 
  • The best of a traditional educational experience, coupled with the flexibility of an online program that can be accessed from anywhere at any time. 
  • A program that aligns with Oklahoma Academic Standards and offers a self-paced education option. 
  • The ability for middle and high school students to participate in on-site extracurricular activities with their peers.

VE works best for self-motivated students who can work independently and who have a learning coach such as a parent, guardian, or older sibling.   

Edmond students in grades 6-12 use the APEX curriculum, with lessons overseen by a highly qualified, certified Edmond teacher. 

New for the second semester is a change in curriculum for K-5th grade students. Instead of using lessons from an outside vendor, students in these grades will now use curriculum created and taught by Edmond teachers and district content specialists! The lessons will be posted to Canvas.  One of the many advantages of this change is that our younger students will be working on the same lessons at the same time as their peers who are enrolled in face-to-face instruction. 

It’s vital to understand that once the November 20 deadline passes, students must:

  • Remain in their chosen program for the entire second semester.  
  • Understand that they will not have the ability to transfer between VE and face to face instruction even if the district returns to in-person learning five days a week.