In response to the growing number of requests from parents for refunds of student fees paid for events that have been canceled due to the unexpected closure of schools (e.g. canceled trips, canceled tests, before/aftercare prepayments, etc.), the following process and procedures should be used:

  • Site staff will determine what fees are eligible for a refund, which will be reported to the Business Office at the EPS Administrative Center.
  • Upon determination that a refund is due, the Business Office will process the refund through InTouch and post the credit to the student account, where it will be seen as a credit
  • An email will be sent to the parent or guardian on the student account notifying them that their student fee is eligible for a refund. At that time, you may request a refund or leave the credit to be used on future fees. Credits may be used for any student fee. For example, a $100 credit for a trip could be used for a yearbook or STPP insurance fee for the next school year. Refund instructions will be included in the email

Additionally, here are some specific questions that have been asked regarding refunds.

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I prepaid for merchandise (e.g. Yearbook, T-Shirt, Recorder, etc.), will that be refunded?

If the site has already purchased the items, they will be distributed when conditions allow. If the site has not already purchased the items, staff will determine if the purchase can be canceled. If it can be canceled, the site will inform the Business Office as outlined above.

If my fee is refundable, how long will it take for my refund to be processed?

Once determined that a fee is refundable, it will take 1-3 business days to process the credit to the student account. Parents will be notified as soon as the credit has posted. If a refund check is requested, please allow 10-15 business days to process and mail.

I paid for a trip that has been canceled. Will I receive a refund?

The sponsor for your trip and/or school staff will determine if the funds related to your trip have been returned to EPS. Once verified, the above procedure will be followed. If there are special circumstances regarding your trip, the sponsor and/or school staff will communicate those directly to affected parents as received.

I paid for an AP test. Will I receive a refund?

The College Board has made AP tests available for at-home assessment. After the testing window has closed, we expect to receive refunds from the College Board for students who chose to cancel their test(s). Once received, we will follow the above procedure.

I pre-paid tuition for Before/After care. Will I receive a refund?

Before/After Care directors are working this week to determine what pre-payments need to be credited to student accounts. Once received in the Business Office, the above procedure will be followed.

I have funds in my student meal account. Will I receive a refund?

This process does not relate to any funds on account with Child Nutrition. Contact or (405)340-2829 for balance refunds. Meal accounts stay with the student and will remain available for use next school year.

If you have additional questions regarding refunds of student fees, please email for more assistance.