Our three philanthropy projects-BALTO, SWINE Week and Double Wolf Dare Week- now have new, custom web pages for their fundraisers making it easier than ever for individuals to donate.

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BALTO: Bring a Light to Others-Edmond North High School

February 10-14, 2020 http://www.baltoweek.org/

Recipient: Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital

Donations: https://ok-edmond-lite.intouchreceipting.com/BALTO

Double Wolf Dare Week-Edmond Santa Fe High School 

February 24-28, 2020 http://www.dwdw.org/

Recipient: Fight for the Forgotten

Donations: https://ok-edmond-lite.intouchreceipting.com/DWDW

SWINE Week-Edmond Memorial High School  

March 9-13, 2020 http://www.swineweek.org/

Recipient: The Halo Project

Donations: https://ok-edmond-lite.intouchreceipting.com/SWINE

Over the past three decades, the schools have raised tens of millions of dollars for charities.