Edmond Public Schools has named its 2019-2020 Support Employees of the Year.  Six of the employees were selected finalists; their names are underlined.  The Support Employee of the Year will be named at the Celebration of Excellence in March as will the Teacher of the Year.

Person holds up sign saying, "Bravo."

“Many support staff members are some of the most dedicated and hardworking individuals you could meet,” said Amanda Genzer, director of support personnel.

Congratulations to the following individuals:

Elementary Schools:

  • Angie Debo – Terri Smith, Registrar
  • Centennial – Traci Gurley, Media Assistant
  • Charles Haskell – David  Barker, Head Custodian 
  • Chisholm – Mendy Massey, Registrar
  • Clegern/Clyde Howell – Joan Rogers, Financial Secretary
  • Cross Timbers – Maria Stegall, Head Custodian 
  • Frontier – Matthew Giudice, BAAC Director & LRM
  • Heritage – Jamie Gilder, Head Custodian
  • Ida Freeman – Joshua Garrett, Teacher Assistant II
  • John Ross – Jerry McAlpin, Head Custodian
  • Northern Hills – Angel Gaston, Teacher Assistant II
  • Orvis Risner – Nancy Jenkins, Teacher Assistant II
  • Russell Dougherty – Julie Norton, Head Custodian
  • Sunset – Ashley Corbett, Financial Secretary 
  • Washington Irving – Peggy Duncan, Financial Secretary
  • West Field – Twila Vazquez, Head Custodian
  • Will Rogers – Ted Kim, Head Custodian

Middle Schools

  • Central – Jackie Jones, Facility Manager
  • Cheyenne – Cheryl Byford, Registrar
  • Cimarron – Steve Theobald -Teacher Assistant II
  • Heartland – Zigo Tesfai – Cafeteria Manager
  • Sequoyah- Deborah Bivins, Principal’s Secretary
  • Summit – Stanley Gordon, Cafeteria Worker

High Schools

  • Memorial – Anthony Hopkins, Facility Manager
  • North – Douglas Simpson, Teacher Assistant II
  • Santa Fe – Karen Branson, Principal’s Secretary
  • Boulevard Academy – Jan Hall, Registrar/Counselor’s Secretary

District Departments

  • Maintenance – Darren Bleakley, Maintenance Mechanic
  • Transportation – Bennie Price, Bus Driver
  • District-wide Support Group, Joyce Wolf, Director of Special Services’ Secretary