As the days grow shorter, colder, and wetter, this is a good time to be sure you and your student (middle and high school only) are set up for receiving text alerts regarding EPS transportation changes and cancellations.

Steps to Subscribe:

You can participate in this free service just by sending a text message of  “Opt in” (no hyphen), to our schools’ shortcode number of 67587.  Parents/guardians who wish to participate must have a cell phone number listed in the cell phone field in their Infinite Campus account. For each parent/guardian who has an Infinite Campus account, both accounts will need a cell number listed if both parents/guardians wish to receive text messages. By sending the correct message of “Opt in” (no hyphen) you will get this message back: “You are registered 4 SchoolMessenger notifications. Reply STOP to cancel, HELP for help.” If you have any issues setting up your Infinite Campus account, please email for assistance. 

Due to the documented nationwide bus driver shortage, along with normal staff absences, transporting students on time has been a challenge this year. Substitute drivers and transportation administrators are doing their best to cover all routes but delays are likely, especially as we enter the cooler months when precipitation is expected.

If you or someone you know needs a job, the flexibility of a drivers’ schedule makes it an excellent job for parents who desire the same school schedule as their children. Drivers receive training, medical insurance, and teachers’ retirement.

To apply to be a bus driver, view our openings.


Student boards school bus