Members of the Edmond School Board voted to bring before voters a $120 million bond issue on Feb. 8, 2022, to fund school improvements and classroom additions as well as purchase land for new schools to meet the needs of the district.   

 “Our newest school, Redbud Elementary, opened at capacity due to the significant housing growth east of I-35,” said Superintendent Angela Grunewald. “We expect Scissortail Elementary, opening in August at 150th and Pennsylvania, to open full as well. Purchasing land for new schools and constructing classroom additions at existing schools is absolutely essential if we are to meet the needs of our growing district,” noted Grunewald.

Earmarked in the Bond Resolution is money to upgrade the infrastructure at several existing schools.

“Every school ever built by this district is still in use,” explained Grunewald. “At some of our older schools, the cafeterias, offices, and restrooms are not adequate to serve our students and staff.” 

Grunewald said the 2022 bond proposal has been carefully constructed to allow for every school in the district to benefit either by receiving new educational materials, building upgrades and additions, or safety and technology improvements.   

Proposition #1  – $117,000,000                             

School Equipment:  Purchase fine arts and athletic equipment for secondary schools, library/media center books, software subscriptions, instructional equipment/materials, maintenance and school support vehicles, and child nutrition equipment. $13,500,000

Technology:  Purchase and install computers, digital devices, software, wireless networking equipment, phone systems, and technology support services.  $12,000,000

HVAC:  Improve HVAC systems at Northern Hills Elementary, Sequoyah Middle School, Central Middle School, Memorial High School and Santa Fe High School. $10,000,000

Technology Building: Improve the district administrative facility located at 1001 W. Danforth to include but not be limited to the construction and equipping of a new technology building on the existing site $7,500,000  

Roofing: Replace and repair roofing at Will Rogers, Angie Debo and Sunset Elementary schools and Santa Fe and North High Schools. $7,000,000

Land Purchase: Purchase land and possible land improvements for the purpose of constructing future schools $4,800,000 

Lighting: Improve and upgrade existing fluorescent lights to LED lights district wide as needed and as funds allow $3,000,000

District Warehouse: Construct a new warehouse at the existing district maintenance facility $2,500,000

Parking Lots/Roads: Construct, resurface and/or modify existing parking lots and access roads at Santa Fe High School, Angie Debo Elementary, Central Middle School, Orvis Risner Elementary, Frontier Elementary, John Ross Elementary and Boulevard Academy. $2,000,000

East Transportation Facility: Construct and equip a new bus building, parking lot and access road $2,000,000 

Water Fountains: Improve and upgrade existing water fountains to bottle filler/bubbler combo foundation district wide as needed as funds allow $1,500,000 

Classroom Furniture: Provide for classroom furnishings district wide as needed and as funds allow $1,500,000

School Security: Improve and upgrade security as needed to include but not be limited to installations of video surveillance camera systems, electronic security and door control devices, fencing, badging and resistant glass film, student/staff photo ID badges and card reader systems, $800,000

Flooring: Improve and upgrade flooring district wide to include of remaining broadloom carpet.$500,000

Elementary Schools:

Elementary School Improvements: Improve and upgrade classrooms, corridors, restrooms, cabinets, doors and ceilings at the following elementary schools: Northern Hills, Sunset, 

Ida Freeman, Clyde Howell Early Childhood Center, Chisholm, Clegern, Angie Debo, Washington Irving, Charles Haskell, Will Rogers $8,300,000

Redbud Elementary: Construct classrooms $8,000,000

Scissortail Elementary: Construct classrooms $3,000,000 

Middle Schools:

Heartland Middle School: Construct additional space in existing cafeteria $4,000,000  

Sequoyah Middle School: Renovate and improve the exterior of the existing building and make improvements to the cafeteria and corridors $2,500,000  

Summit Middle School: Renovate and improve existing cafeteria and practice gym  $2,250,000    

Cimarron Middle School: Renovate and improve existing classrooms, practice gym and office area $2,000,000                                                         

Cheyenne Middle School: Improve existing track, competition gym floor, restrooms and athletic locker rooms $1,500,000       

Central Middle School: Renovate and improve existing tennis courts, track, gym bleachers and athletic locker rooms $1,500,000                                                                        

High Schools:

Santa Fe High School: Construct a multi-classroom addition. $7,250,000

North High School: Construct additional space in the existing main cafeteria and renovate and upgrade classrooms and locker rooms as needed and as funds allow. $4,900,000  

Memorial High School:  Improve and renovate Freshman Academy and corridors in the main building as needed.  $3,000,000 

Boulevard Academy: Construct an enclosed corridor from the gym to the building. $200,000                                             

Proposition #2 – $3,000,000                                                   

Transportation Vehicles: Purchase small and large buses and high capacity sport utility vehicles.$3,000,000

Who can Vote?

All registered voters who live within Edmond Public School district boundaries qualify to vote including those residents who live outside the city limits of Edmond. Individuals should vote at their regular precincts.

Tax Implications

Passage of the bond issue is not planned to raise homeowner’s taxes. The district has planned this bond proposal to keep the millage level stable at between 24 and 25 mills.    

“Citizens have told us repeatedly how much they appreciate not having surprises in their property taxes. Maintaining a stable tax rate has allowed us to enjoy a tremendous level of support with the successful passing of 60 consecutive bond issues dating back to the 1950s.”


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