Edmond Public Schools Board of Education voted unanimously Monday, April 19 to join more than 100 school districts across the state in considering legal action against the Oklahoma State Board of Education. The authorization is in response to the state board’s decision on March 25 to settle a lawsuit filed by the Oklahoma Public Charter School Association that would redistribute local revenue to charter schools.  Many school districts and school attorneys believe that the settlement is in violation of state law and usurped the legislature’s authority to craft or change state law as it applies to school finance.

Edmond School Board Members sit at dias

“This settlement agreement is extremely harmful to traditional school districts, said Superintendent Bret Towne. “It does not even differentiate between brick and mortar charter schools and virtual charters. It’s difficult to conceptualize the need for virtual charter schools to have access to other district’s building funds. Edmond could lose between $500,000 and $600,000 yearly from our building fund if the settlement is upheld.”