The need for substitute teachers in Edmond Schools is greater than ever. During the 2021-2022 school year, the District took the following steps to fill sub positions:

  • Increased the daily rate of pay
  • Provided an additional $20 increase on Fridays
  • Provided an incentive of $125 if a substitute teacher works 15 days a month.

Recently, the District was approached by Kirkpatrick Bank, a trusted partner with EPS. They wanted to be a part of incentivizing substitute teachers and helping to increase the pool of substitute teachers working while minimizing the number of unfilled absences occurring in our schools. 

Winner of Daily Drawing to Win $500

Beginning Friday, January 21, any substitute teacher who works a full day will be entered into a daily drawing. The winner of that drawing will receive $500 from Kirkpatrick Bank. That’s right! Kirkpatrick Bank will provide one substitute teacher a day with $500 from Friday, January 21 to Friday, April 8. This prize is in addition to the normal pay and incentives currently in effect. Winners will be announced through social media and the daily winner will be contacted. 

The drawing is for full-day positions only. The more substitutes work, the greater their chances of winning.