Due to more staff testing positive for Covid-19 and other seasonal illnesses over the long holiday weekend, Edmond Public Schools is shifting one middle school and a handful of individual grade levels at three separate elementary schools to remote learning for Tuesday, January 18 and Wednesday, January 19.

Shifting to Remote Learning

  • Heartland Middle School-entire school
  • Northern Hills Elementary-first-grade only
  • Orvis Risner Elementary-Kindergarten
  • Ida Freeman Elementary-Kindergarten and fifth-grade only

The district is hopeful that in-person instruction for these students can resume on Thursday, January 20; however, we have advised parents of students in these grades to please maintain their contingency plans for remote learning to continue further into the week. We will communicate with parents as soon as possible should that occur.

It is the district’s goal to close at the smallest level possible. First, by class, then by grade level or team and then by school if necessary.

Teachers will communicate with students about assignments and instructional expectations through Canvas, See Saw and other regular platforms.