The deadline to request a change of placement for Spring semester 2022 has passed. The deadline was November 19.

Virtual Edmond

Virtual Edmond is a program designed to serve families who desire:

  • A customized, robust, virtual education. 
  • The best of a traditional educational experience, coupled with the flexibility of an online program that can be accessed from anywhere at any time. 
  • A program that aligns with Oklahoma Academic Standards and offers a self-paced education option. 
  • The ability for middle and high school students to participate in on-site extracurricular activities with their peers.

What Makes Virtual Edmond Different

Virtual Edmond students also have the opportunity to participate in on-site extracurricular activities with their peers. 6-12th grade Virtual Edmond students may participate in extracurricular activities and/or clubs in Edmond Public Schools. For some activities, the student may need to be enrolled in a traditional class such as football or choir in order to participate in competitions or contests. Students also need to maintain eligibility according to OSSAA in order to participate in games or contests. 

Grades 6-12

Edmond students in grades 6-12 use the APEX curriculum, with lessons overseen by a highly qualified, certified Edmond teacher. 

This student view of the APEX dashboard will walk you through how students will access the curriculum.


Elementary students in grades K-5 are taught by highly qualified early childhood and elementary certified teachers. Students utilize a curriculum that parallels the core content being taught in our elementary classrooms. Students also have modules that offer classes such as p.e. and music.

Elementary Sample Curriculum 

Virtual Edmond Elementary Supply List 

Frequently Asked Questions  

Who can participate?

Any K-12 student who is enrolled in Edmond Public Schools, lives within Edmond Public School boundaries. VE works best for self-motivated students who can work independently and who have a learning coach such as a parent or guardian to assist as needed.   

Is Virtual Edmond available for PreK?

Virtual Edmond is not available for PreK students; PreK is not a state-mandated grade.

Is there a cost to participate?

There is no cost to participate in Virtual Edmond. 

When is the Deadline to Enroll for Spring Semester 2022?

The deadline to request a change of placement for Spring semester 2022 has passed. It was November 19.

Why Is There a Deadline to Enroll in Virtual Edmond? Why can’t I do it Anytime?

Setting the deadline to switch back and forth from VE to traditional is a staffing issue and a learning loss issue.  We have to place teachers where the students are.  If students are constantly moving, then we have to continue to move teachers, which is not good for students. There is the potential that students are in one class and then would be moved to another during the semester.  Research clearly shows that transitions slow learning.

Do I need to have internet access?

Yes. Reliable, high-speed internet access is necessary to access and complete virtual lessons, grades, and teacher support. If this is a barrier for your family, please follow this link for low-cost internet alternatives. 

Do I need to purchase a computer?

No, the district provides a device (Chromebook or iPad). 

What will my child study?

The subjects in Virtual Edmond are the same grade-appropriate core subjects as those of in-school students as well as electives. Elementary students will have health and art one semester and then PE and technology second semester.  Middle School electives are set and preselected by grade level. High school students will have a larger number of elective courses based on their individual interests. 

What company is providing the curriculum?

Grades 6-12 curriculum is provided through APEX Learning.  K-5 is provided by Edmond teachers using Canvas. 

Will My Child Be in Front of a Screen All Day?

No. We estimate that Virtual Edmond will spend approximately hours a week per core subject in elementary and approximately 8 hours per subject in grades 6-12.  Their screen time could be lessened depending on their course load and the type of subjects they study. The involvement of the learning coach (parent or guardian) will be crucial to ensuring that the student is not spending too much time in front of a screen. 

What is the role of the parent or guardian?

Parents and guardians serve as the learning coach. In grades K-3, parents should be available to help most of the time, as this age group could need help at any given time. In grades 4-7, parents and guardians should monitor the student’s progress daily,  and in grades 8-12, parents should be available to monitor progress several times throughout the week. It is important that parents help the student stay focused and on a schedule. 

What if we discover Virtual Edmond is not the right fit?

We want to ensure students are placed in a successful learning environment and understand that online learning may not be for every student. A student can drop an online class within the first 14 days without any consequences. The student, parent/guardian, and teacher work together to make this decision. 

Is this program a good fit for students who are homeschooled?

Yes! Families who choose to homeschool may enroll in Virtual Edmond while maintaining control of their child’s at-home learning environment. Virtual Edmond offers a board-approved elementary, middle, and high school curriculum that is comprehensive and aligned to Oklahoma’s state standards. Grades and transcripts will be issued by EPS. 

Can I enroll part of the day in traditional school and part of the day in Virtual Edmond?

No, except for secondary students who wish to participate in an extracurricular activity that is connected to a class.  K-8 students and families have to choose between traditional school or Virtual Edmond with the exception of middle school band, orchestra, or vocal music.  High school students can take any elective courses in the traditional format that are tied to an OSSAA activity or a Career Tech organization such as football or DECA.  High school students who cannot make a traditional or virtual schedule meet their needs such as with travel time to Francis Tuttle, will need to visit with their school counselor about a combination of courses.

How much time do students have to complete courses?

Students have the same time to complete the course as students in traditional school.  The program will show if the student is on track to finish on time. It is important to not get behind in the program.  However, there is the flexibility to work ahead and take breaks as desired.

Will my child be required to take standardized tests?

Yes. All EPS students must complete state standardized tests. Formative and summative assessments throughout the year help develop the skills needed to perform well on state tests. Virtual Edmond teachers will let you know where and when your child is scheduled to test. The district requires K-8 students to complete reading and math benchmark assessments three times per academic year. 

Do the classes count for NCAA credits for high school?

Yes! But we must know your child is a potential NCAA candidate to make sure they are enrolled in the correct courses.

Do students have access to school libraries?

Yes. Students have access to their school site library during regular school hours.

Is all coursework done on the computer?

No. Students participate in a variety of offline educational activities and projects, which are evaluated by the teacher. 

What are the benefits of participation?

In addition to a self-paced, flexible education solution, students have the opportunity to develop skills such as organization, initiative, responsibility, and time management.

What challenges should I consider before deciding to enroll?

Students, with the assistance of the parent, must make a greater effort to stay organized, create a schedule, manage their time, and work toward staying on pace to complete their coursework. As a parent/guardian, you will need to work closely with your child to help monitor their progress.

What if my child has special needs?

Parents of children with disabilities on a Section 504 Accommodation Plan or on an Individualized Education Program (IEP) will want to meet with their team to determine which virtual program is the best placement for their child.  

Can gifted students participate?

Yes. The program can provide advanced learners with opportunities for accelerated and individualized learning. Since virtual instruction makes one-on-one learning possible with check-ins and chat sessions with a teacher, the student may accelerate the pace of classes in some cases to meet their needs. Advanced Placement courses may also be available to meet your child’s needs.

What computer skills are necessary?

Participating students will need some basic skills with regard to computer use, as it is an important part of the program. In early grades, the parent plays an integral role in interacting with the computer. 

What if we have technical issues?

If technical issues arise your child’s online teacher(s) will be there for initial support.  For additional technical support, please go to Virtual Edmond Technology.

Have more questions?

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