What is an Individual Career Academic Plan (ICAP)?

The term ICAP refers to both a process that helps students engage in academic and career development activities and a plan that is created and maintained for students’ academic, career and personal advancement. State law mandates that beginning with the class of 2023, high school students must have completed their ICAP plan before being allowed to graduate.

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In Edmond, we want all students to be successful after high school. Success means students can get a good job that matches their passions and interests and pays well.  All students 6-12 will complete an Individual Career Academic Plan, often referred to as ICAP.  Oklahoma’s new high school graduation requirements will give students a personalized roadmap to use when navigating college or career plans after high school – one that helps them prepare for their next steps and be excited about the future.

The ICAP includes the following components:

  • Academic/career planning
  • Goal setting
  • College and career ready assessments
  • Service learning/Work-based learning

What does ICAP look like at Edmond Public Schools?

The student ICAP process will be completed and monitored through the OkCollegeStart platform.  The students account will follow them through their secondary experience and they will maintain access after graduation.

Career Awareness BEGINS in Elementary School, becomes more INTERACTIVE AND PERSONALIZED in Middle School, and is put into ACTION in High School.

  • Grades PK-5:  AWARENESS
  • Grade 6:  INTRODUCTION
  • Grade 7:  EXPLORATION
  • Grade 8:  PREPARATION
  • Grades 9-12:  ACTION

Below is a list of resources that will allow you to better understand the ICAP opportunities at Edmond Public Schools


*This information comes from the Oklahoma State Department of Education. For more information, please speak to your child’s school counselor.