Enrollment Information

Home schools are based on a family’s home address. To see a map of the boundaries by elementary, middle and high school level, you may click on the link below.

Boundary Map for 2021-2022 School Year

2022-2023 Boundaries Map with Scissortail (newest school) 

If you are unsure of which school your child(ren) should attend, please click on the link below and then enter your child(ren)’s grade level and address to verify the school to attend.

21-22 Boundary and Bus Stop Information

22-23 Boundary and Bus Stop Information

More information about transportation and bus routes can be found by clicking on the link below.

Transportation Information

Specific Enrollment Information

Click on the links below to learn more about specific enrollment areas:

Click on Parent-Checklist to view a list of items required (including immunizations) when enrolling students in Edmond Public Schools.

Custody Information

The Edmond Public Schools will enroll students who hold legal residence within the District as specified in Policy #4105.  Custody affidavit forms and notarized affidavits obtained from the custodial parent giving care and custody to another individual will not be accepted except as otherwise outlined with this policy.

If a divorce has been granted, the decree will state which parent has legal custody.  If the decree awards joint custody, and each parent contributes in a “substantial degree” to the child’s support while they have custody, then the residence in which the child resides on a regular basis determines the legal residency of the child for school attendance.