To have a lasting impact on students’ lives we believe that in addition to focusing on instruction and academic advancement, we must also address the student’s physical and emotional needs. That’s why Edmond Public Schools offers a variety of programs to help students establish lifelong healthy behavior patterns.

In Elementary School, Physical Education classes and recess help students to remain active during the day. In middle school and high school, PE continues to be offered as an elective. Students may also participate in a variety of sports. Beginning at a young age, students also learn aspects of healthy eating through both classroom instruction and activities such as food demonstrations and even grocery store tours.

The district also partners with Mercy hospital to offer a variety of programs including Health Teacher an online K-12 health curriculum and Healthy Lifestyles, a student wellness program that brings to life the importance of making health decisions.

Health Guide

This EPS School Health Guide offers more information on disease and illness health guidelines.

Anti-bullying, Drug and Suicide Prevention Programs

Mercy’s licensed mental health providers staff a toll-free hotline-CallSAM (1-800-225-2726) to assist students and their families with behavioral health issues such as substance abuse, depression, anxiety and eating disorders. Numerous district programs help students establish and maintain social and emotional well-being. Read More


Aspects of sexual education are taught at all levels beginning in the early years with age-appropriate lessons on positive body image, good self-care, and self-esteem. Beginning in fifth grade, students receive instruction on growth and development that focuses on physical changes and anatomy.  Through our partnership with Mercy, eighth graders are taught a program that covers puberty, sex and sexually transmitted infections, abstinence, and ramifications of unprotected sex. At the High Schools, aspects of sex education are taught in health, biology, parenting and child development and marriage and family living classes.

Head Lice

What is Head Lice & How is it Spread

Head Lice Fact Sheet

Medical Conditions

Parents of students who have illnesses or conditions such as diabetes, asthma etc. should work with their site principals to make sure that an effective response plan is in place to ensure the best treatment for the student. A number of medical authorization forms may need to be on file.

Please click the link below to view and download medical authorization forms (which are found in our Parents & Students section).

Medical Authorization Forms:

Numerous other medical forms (immunizations etc.) can be found here.