Edmond Public Schools is committed to the safety and well-being of all students and staff members. Considerable time and effort go into practicing and enhancing school safety and security. The district’s comprehensive school safety strategy includes:

  • Coordination and emergency planning with Edmond and Oklahoma City police, fire, and safety officials
  • Coordination with Oklahoma County Health Department
  • Comprehensive safety plans for each school updated at a minimum annually–plans include evacuation, shelter-in-place and parent communication
  • On-going employee training
  • Staff members designated to assist special needs students in an emergency/crisis
  • Employee/visitor identification badges issued through Safe Schools ID
  • Designated parking for students, staff, visitors
  • Reduced number of school doors accessible from the outside
  • Emergency “Go” kits in every school ready in the event of an emergency
  • Crisis plans reviewed and updated regularly
  • Crisis management and intervention teams in all schools
  • Status checks of communication devices including district emergency and day to day radios
  • Safety drills conducted during the school year including 4 fire, 2 lockdown, 2 intruder, 2 weather. Although not mandatory, some schools are also conducting earthquake drills
  • Defibrillators in place and tested regularly
  • Entrances clearly marked with signs directing visitors to the main office
  • Appropriate identification required of adults signing out students
  • Bus loading/drop off areas monitored by staff
  • Utilization of interior and exterior cameras to monitor and record video surveillance images 24/7


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