The EPS Technology Web Page

Your best source of information regarding EPS Technology is the technology page on the EPS website.  Go to and click on the “Technology/Support” link.  This page will be kept updated with information on tech support, common questions and answers, the student technology protection plan, iPad and Chromebook troubleshooting procedures, and more.

Student Technology Protection Plan (STPP)  (Pay Here)

As with textbooks and library books, students will be responsible for taking care of their iPad or Chromebook (and charger) and returning it in good condition at the end of the semester or school year.  Charges will be assessed for lost, stolen, or damaged devices.  We strongly recommend that parents take advantage of the optional $12.50 “protection plan” to offset a portion of these costs.  Without the protection plan, a lost or stolen iPad will cost $240 and a broken screen will cost $100, for example.  The protection plan must be purchased by August 31, 2020.   Full details are available on the EPS Technology web page.

Internet Content Filtering

All EPS devices use an “Internet Content Filtering” app that prevents students from accessing inappropriate material.  No system is perfect, however, and we strongly urge parents to supervise their children while they are using an EPS device.

Home Internet and Mi-Fi Devices

For families that do not have an internet connection in their home, EPS will provide a “Mi-Fi” device.  This is a small device that provides a cellular connection to the internet.  These devices are for instructional use only and will not allow access to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Social Media and other such sites.   Application forms for these devices are available on the EPS Technology Page, and these devices will be available for pickup at the EPS Administration Center and/or the EPS Tech Central location on or before the start of school.  Check the EPS Technology web page for updated information.

General Notes on Protecting your iPad or Chromebook

Each device includes a durable case that provides a lot of protection against accidental bumps and drops.  Please review the following tips with your children to protect against accidental damage.

  • Store the device in a safe place when not in use and when it is charging; somewhere where it cannot be stepped on, spilled on, knocked to the ground, or pulled to the ground by the charging cord.
  • Do not eat or drink around the device.  Do not use the device around pools, hot tubs, or water.  Devices are not waterproof and a spilled drink can easily damage them.
  • When transporting the device to and from school, use a well-padded backpack and do not drop or throw the backpack to the ground. Set it down gently.
  • Do not close the Chromebook lid when there is a pen or other object on the keyboard.
  • Do not grip/carry the Chromebook by the top right and left corners of the screen/bezel.  This can easily damage the screen.  Close the device and carry it like a book.
  • Do not allow a sharp device (keys, pens, pencils, etc) to rest against the iPad screen inside the backpack.
  • Use the device on a firm surface, like a desk or table, whenever possible.

Questions and Answers

Please check the Q&A link on the EPS Technology web page for answers to common questions.  If your question is not answered, you may submit it to us via the “Online Support Request” link.

Tech Support

Your child’s teacher will be your first line support for all questions and issues relating to assignments, instructional apps, and general classroom/instructional material.  Hardware support (fixing or replacing lost and damaged devices) will be available at Tech Central, 1216 S. Rankin, M-F, 8 am-4 pm.  You may submit technology requests via the “Online Support Request” link on the Technology web page.  Please check the technology web page for updated information on tech support.