What is Digital Conversion?

Digital Conversion, simply put, is about learning and not about technology. The project will provide student mobile devices, digital content (curriculum, including textbooks), professional development, network infrastructure, and a Learning Management System. This project will provide our students with the experience, skills, confidence, and adaptability they will need to succeed in college and in the workforce.

 Graphic showing timeline of EPS Digital Conversion

Student Work Becomes More Relevant

Digital learning can offer students the opportunity to create, apply higher level thinking skills, and uniquely demonstrate what they have learned. Through the EPS Digital Conversion, learning can become immersive, experiential, and individualized. Opportunities for expanded learning beyond the school day and outside the school building will increase. Students will gain collaborative learning skills that prepare them for college and careers. Student work will become more relevant, as teachers and students have access to up-to-date information and resources. Teachers will be able to facilitate learning and see what their students are capable of doing.  Teachers can take on a mentor role as students become not just consumers of media and information, but critical thinkers and producers.