Digital Conversion=Access to Current Information

Digital Conversion describes the much broader process by which the district transitions the way teachers teach and the way students learn through the use of technology. Teachers (and students) will have access to up-to-date information, instead of a textbook that was created 5 years ago. The goal of this project is for it to be a seamless, meaningful, part of daily instruction and across the curriculum.

Student Work Becomes more Relevant

Students will gain collaborative learning skills that will prepare them to be college and career ready. Engagement of students will increase as their work becomes more relevant due to deep and enriching content. Opportunities for expanded learning beyond the school day and outside of the school building will become more prevalent in student’s lives.  These opportunities will allow students to spend more time on their work, therefore becoming more aware of the quality of their work.  Digital Learning can offer students the opportunity to immerse themselves in their own learning. They are able to create, apply higher level thinking skills, and to produce demonstrations of what they have learned.

Teachers will be able to facilitate learning and see what their students are capable of doing.  They can take on a mentor role with their students as they learn to produce rather than consume information.