What is a Chromebook?

A Chromebook is a laptop device that runs the Google Chrome Operating System (instead of Microsoft Windows, for example).  Chromebooks cost approximately $200, start-up quickly, and allow students to perform internet research, access online instructional materials, collaborate using Google apps, access the Canvas Learning Management System, and much more.
Click here to learn a bit more about Chromebooks.

Which students will be receiving Chromebooks?

2017-2018 School Year:  8th, 9th, and 10th grade students

2018-2019 School Year: All 6-12th grade students

Why is EPS starting with 8th, 9th, and 10th grades?

Many factors contributed to this decision:

  • Effectively integrating Chromebooks into classroom instruction requires that every student in the class has a Chromebook.  Freshman and sophomore classes tend to have almost all freshman and sophomore students.  The classes that juniors and seniors take often have students from all grade levels.
  • Starting with freshman and sophomore classes allows EPS to focus training efforts on a concentrated set of teachers.
  • Due to budget restrictions, a multi-year roll-out is necessary.
  • The EPS Digital Conversion goes hand-in-hand with the EPS Instructional Vision. Transforming teaching and learning in Edmond (which includes digital content creation) is most effectively accomplished by beginning in the core early-secondary grades (8, 9, 10), rather than the upper-secondary grades, which are often highly specialized (such as prescribed AP courses).

What happens if a Chromebook is lost, stolen, or broken?

Chromebooks will include a very rugged case and students will be instructed on proper care of the device before receiving it.  The Chromebook warranty will cover the cost if it just stops working, and students will not be responsible if the device is stolen, provided they turn in a police report.  Students will be responsible for loss, or damage caused by abuse; dropping, spilling on it, etc.  EPS is offering a $30/year “Student Technology Protection Plan” (STPP) to help cover the cost of damaged devices.    Click here to view the Student Technology Protection Plan

What is the Student Technology Protection Plan (STPP) 

EPS is offering a $30/year plan that will largely offset the cost of any accidental damage that a student may do to their Chromebook.  Full details are available here, but in short the plan covers 100% of the cost of the first “incident” and 50% of the cost of a second “incident.”  We strongly recommend parents take advantage of this plan!

Your child will be automatically enrolled in the STPP when you pay the $30 fee.  You must make this payment between August 1 – August 20 either online using the InTouch online payment system or in person at your child’s school.

How do I sign up for the Student Technology Protection Plan (STPP)?

By paying the $30 annual STPP fee anytime between August 1 – August 20 your student will be automatically enrolled.  You may pay online using the InTouch online payment system or pay in person at your child’s school.

What happens if my child forgets to charge their device?

Students will be instructed to charge their Chromebook every night.  Most have cell phones that they are very diligent in charging so we trust that they will also remember to charge their school device.  Charging facilities will not be available at school, but in the event that your child’s Chromebook is not charged on a particular day it would be akin to forgetting their book(s) and they may be able to share with someone else.

Special Note:  We strongly encourage students to leave their Chromebook charger plugged in at home in one place to prevent it from getting lost.  They should not bring the charger to school and to the greatest extent possible they should not take it to friends’ houses or carry it around with them.    

Will elementary students be receiving Chromebooks or other mobile devices?

Apple iPads are our mobile device standard in elementary schools.  Third and fourth grade classrooms currently have iPad sets for classroom use, and all grade levels will eventually have devices.  Many elementary schools have additional iPad carts and devices currently in use in other grade levels.  These devices stay at school, however, as opposed to the Chromebooks which secondary students may take home.  

Are students required to have an EPS Chromebook?

Yes.  Just like a textbook, the Chromebook will be a necessary instructional tool.

Does a Chromebook require Internet access?

Yes.  Although Chromebooks have some limited “offline” capabilities they generally do require Wi-Fi and Internet access for most of their functions.

What if my child does not have internet access at home?

Cox Communications offers a $9.95/month home internet package, including free installation and WiFi router, to low income families.  Click here for details.

AT&T offers $5/month and $10.00/month home internet package to low income families.  Click here for details.  

Additionally, the Edmond Public Library, IHOP, Starbucks and many other locations throughout Edmond offer free WiFi.

Will objectionable internet content be blocked?

Yes.  The EPS staff takes our responsibility for protecting students very seriously.  Whether your child is using their Chromebook at school, at home, or anywhere else, all of their internet traffic will be processed by our iBoss content filtering system.

 May other family members or friends share the Chromebook?

No.  We ask that use of the Chromebook be strictly limited to the student to which it was assigned.  They are to be viewed as an instruction tool, just like a textbook, not a device for personal entertainment.  

Can my child use the Chromebook for personal use/ non-school-related use?

We recommend that your child only use the Chromebook for school-related activities. It will be fairly tightly locked down via the iBoss internet content filtering system.  Most streaming music sites, Netflix, and other such entertainment websites and apps will be blocked.

How much do the Chromebooks cost and how is Edmond Public Schools paying for them?

The Chromebook initiative for secondary schools is just one part of EPS’ overall Digital Conversion project.  Costs are paid from Technology Bond Funds which voters approved last February.  Note that these funds cannot be used to pay teacher salaries, so the Digital Conversion project does not impact teacher salaries or the number of teachers EPS can hire.

The Chromebooks, complete with case, 3-Year warranty, software and configuration cost $263 each and are expected to last 3 years.  For the 2017-2018 school year the EPS Board of Education approved the purchase of 5400 Chromebooks for 8th, 9th, and 10th grade students at a cost of $1,421,118.  This cost is partially offset by a reduction in spending on student PCs.

Will students be allowed to bring their own device?

Many classroom activities will specifically require the Chromebook.

Can EPS locate a lost or stolen Chromebook?

If the Chromebook is connected to the WiFi inside of one of our schools, then we will be able to locate it.  

Outside of the EPS network, we will be able to disable it and put a “Splash Screen” on it saying, “If found, please notify Edmond Public Schools at …..”   That will dissuade theft and help lost Chromebooks find their way home.  

Each Chromebook also has an asset tag (sticker) on it that says “Edmond Public Schools”, so if someone finds one they will be able to figure out that it belongs to us.

Should I buy a case for the Chromebook to protect it?

The district will provide a very rugged GumDrop case and we will be instructing students to never remove their Chromebook from the case.   Thus it will not be necessary for parents to buy cases.

What if I have additional questions?

Click Here  for questions regarding the EPS implementation of the 1:1 Chromebook initiative.