What device will my student be receiving for remote learning?

PreK through 2nd-grade students will receive an iPad.  3rd through 5th-grade students will receive a Chromebook.  All secondary students will receive a Chromebook. 


What happens if an iPad or Chromebook is lost, stolen, or broken?

Students will be responsible for loss, or damage caused by abuse, dropping, spilling on it, etc. EPS is offering a $25 “Student Technology Protection Plan” (STPP) to help cover the cost of damaged devices. If the device is stolen, students must submit a police report with the claim to use their STPP (Student Technology Protection Plan). Visit Edmond Public Schools’ Technology webpage and select STPP-Student Protection Plan for the most recent information. 

What is the Student Technology Protection Plan (STPP)

This protection plan covers 100% of the cost of the first accidental damage incident and 50% of the cost of a second accidental damage incident. We strongly recommend parents take advantage of this plan. Your child will be automatically enrolled in the STPP when you pay the $25 fee. You must make this payment between July 8th and September 18th using the InTouch online payment system or in person at your student’s school.

Does a Chromebook require Internet access?

Yes. Although Chromebooks have some limited “offline” capabilities they generally do require Wi-Fi and Internet access for most of their functions.

What if my child does not have internet access at home?

If your family does not have at-home internet access, there are affordable home internet options that your family may use.  Additionally, the Edmond Public Library, IHOP, Starbucks, and many other locations throughout Edmond offer free WiFi.
Cox Communications offers a $9.95/month home internet package, including free installation and WiFi router, to low-income families. Click here for details.
AT&T offers $5/month and $10.00/month home internet packages to low-income families. Click here for details.

Will objectionable internet content be blocked?

Yes. The EPS staff takes responsibility for protecting students very seriously. Whether your child is using their Chromebook at school, at home, or around town, all of their internet traffic will be processed by our content filtering system.

May other family members or friends share the Chromebook?

No. We ask that users of the Chromebook be strictly limited to the student to which it was assigned. They are to be viewed as an instruction tool, just like a textbook, not a device for personal entertainment.

Can my child use the Chromebook for personal use/ non-school-related use?

We recommend that your child only use the Chromebook for school-related activities. It will be tightly monitored by the internet content filtering system. Most streaming music sites, Netflix, and other such entertainment websites and apps will be blocked.

How can I print from my Chromebook to my home printer?

Click here for instructions to assist you with printing at home.

What if I have additional questions?

Click Here for questions regarding the EPS implementation of the 1:1 Chromebook initiative.