Oklahoma implemented new math and English/language arts academic standards in 2016.  The change in standards also required a change in testing. The “cut scores” or proficiency levels for the tests were reset to reflect the new, more rigorous standards. Because of higher cut scores needed to qualify as “proficient” and “advanced,” parents may notice that students who have been accustomed to scoring in those two categories may no longer do so.  

2017 Elementary OSTP Final Passage Rates 

2017 Middle School OSTP Final Passage Rates

2017 High School OSTP Final Passage Rates

The Oklahoma State Department of Education called 2016 a “total reset.”In other words, these new lower scores cannot be compared to any test scores from previous years. However, the scores will serve as a baseline for future growth in student learning.

“What Families Need to Know About New Test Results” is a 4-minute video produced by the State Dept. of Education (SDE) that explains to families why the new standards represent a  TOTAL RESET.   Click here to view the video.

In the document, “Giving Oklahoma Students a Competitive Edge: Frequently Asked Questions, Test Results,” the SDE provides answers to the most-asked questions about standards and assessments.  Click on this link to open a document on Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s).


For the latest on academic standards, please visit the Oklahoma State Department of Education website: http://sde.ok.gov/sde/oklahoma-academic-standards.

District Tests

Edmond Public Schools makes available other tests such as a qualifying test for gifted and talented students, proficiency-based promotion tests and tests that assess students’ interests and career goals.

Proficiency Testing:

Proficiency-Based Promotion awards credit for students’ knowledge in the core curriculum areas. The exams consist of a combination of multiple choice, short answer, essay questions and science laboratory activities. Tests are offered twice per year (usually May and early July) and students must achieve a 90% or above to receive credit.  The permanent record will reflect credit-by-exam; with a letter grade of A. Proficiency tests are available for students who have not been enrolled in the course.  Please contact Kristi Kargl (405-340-2268) for additional information. 

 The application deadline has passed for the 18-19 school year – testing is now closed.