Out of District Transfers:

Oklahoma Governor Still signed into law house bill HB 2074, called the Education Open Transfer Act, which requires school districts to expand transfers between public schools. This bill goes into effect on January 1, 2022.

According to the law, local school boards must adopt a policy to determine “capacity” at each school site.  At this time, EPS is working on the policy and the associated administrative tasks required to implement this law.

“Each school district board of education shall adopt a policy to determine the number of transfer students the school district has the capacity to accept in each grade level at each school site within a school district no later than January 1, 2022.”


There are exceptions to the transfer bill if a district is already at capacity in a grade level.

“The transfer of a student from the district in which the student resides to another school district furnishing instruction in the grade the student is entitled to pursue shall be granted if the transfer has the approval of the board of education of the receiving district at any time in the year unless the number of transfers exceeds the capacity of a grade level for each school site within a school district is insufficient to enroll all eligible students, the school district shall select transfer students in the order in which the district received the student transfer applications.” 

In-District Transfers:

Secondary Transfers:

At this time, Edmond’s secondary schools do not accept in-district transfers.  In compliance with policy #4850, certain exceptions exist, including ROTC participants and employee children attending school in their parents’ vertical. Families seeking an exception in any of the listed cases may pursue further information at the district office by calling Laura Morgan at 340-2823. Please review the boundaries as well as the attendance guidelines to learn more about the enrollment exceptions and how they may apply to your family.

ROTC Transfer Exceptions:

The Intra-District School Site Enrollment Exception Request is required for ROTC admission, along with an interview and acceptance document from Colonel Penning. Please call Edmond North High School at 340-2875 for more information.

Elementary Transfers:

Parents of elementary students may request a transfer to another Edmond school. Parents should be aware that if the transfer is granted, the student is expected to attend the middle school in their residential area. Transfer forms are available at all elementary schools or the district office. Transfers are reviewed on a first-come-first-served basis within priority categories established by the Board of Education which are noted on the request form. For more information, please contact dana.elkins@edmondschools.net.

Transfers for Children of Certified Employees

The Board of Education has approved a policy allowing teachers and other certified employees who live outside EPS district boundaries, to transfer their children into EPS, providing space is available. Policy #4845 and the regulations, #4845R, provide the details. Please read the specific language related to Policy #4845

Teachers living outside EPS District boundaries who wish to transfer their children into the school district for the 2021-2021 school year may pick up the Inter-District Transfer packet at the district office. Pre Board of Education regulations, no inter-district transfer will be approved after Sept. 15 of any year.

For more information, contact human resources at 340-2913.