Edmond Public Schools does not accept out-of-district transfer requests. Only students living in Oakdale Public Schools (K-8) may enter Edmond schools upon their freshman year in high school.

Secondary Schools:

Edmond’s secondary schools do not accept either in-district or out-of-district transfers.  In compliance with policy #4850, certain exceptions exist, including ROTC participants, employee children attending school in their parents’ vertical, and (through the 2018-19 school year) younger siblings of students who were redistricted, but chose to remain at — and will still be at — their original school.  Families seeking an exception in any of the listed cases may pursue further information at the district office by calling Laura Morgan at 340-2823.

Please review the new boundaries below as well as the attendance guidelines to learn more about the enrollment exceptions and how they may apply to your family.

2016-2017 Boundaries

Attendance Guidelines

Sibling and ROTC Transfer Exceptions:

The EPS Intra-District School Site Enrollment Exception Request is specifically for  5th or 8th graders to use to seek permission to access the “Sibling Exception” to follow an older sibling to the middle or high school the older sister/brother is attending.  Siblings must be living in the same household to access this option; the term “sibling” means brother or sister (not cousin etc). Please note that families will be responsible for transportation. The EPS Intra-District School Site Enrollment Exception Request is also required for ROTC admission, along with an interview and acceptance document from Col Young. Please call Edmond North High School at 340-2875 for more information.

Elementary Transfers:

Parents of elementary students may request a transfer to another Edmond school, but they will have to attend the middle school in their residential area, unless they have a sibling in the school when they arrive. Forms are available at all elementary schools beginning Jan. 13, 2017.  They can be turned in beginning Feb. 10. Please turn them in at the district office located at 1001 W. Danforth.