In June 2018, the Board of Education approved a policy allowing teachers and other certified employees, who live outside EPS district boundaries, to transfer their children into EPS, providing space was available. Policy #4845 and the regulations, #4845R, provide the details. One regulation in the policy requires the district to designate a window of time for teachers who qualify to notify the district of their intent to transfer their children into the district for the 2019-2020 school year.

Teachers living outside EPS District boundaries who wish to transfer their children into the school district for the 2019-2020 school year may pick up the Inter-District Transfer packet beginning Friday, January 18. Teachers will have until February 22 to submit the required information. While teachers may submit an inter-district transfer request after February 22, please understand that another policy, the Intra-District Transfer Policy (Policy #4850), will be in effect and spaces may be filled through this policy. Per BOE regulations, no inter-district transfer will be approved after October 1 of any year.

Please see below the specific language related to Policy #4845 (Inter-District Transfers) and regulations to Policy #4845. If you have questions, contact Laura Morgan at 405-340-2823.